Announcing the 2nd Annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair

The second annual anarchist book fair in Carrboro, North Carolina will take place on Saturday, November 12. The book fair will run all at day; other events geared towards both organizing and entertainment will take place throughout the weekend. Book lovers, firebrands, and the simply curious are all invited! Anarchists have been in the news a lot this past year, and this is a good opportunity to find out what all the hubbub is really about.

Are you involved with a radical bookshop, organizing group, or publishing project? Don’t delay–email to reserve a table, volunteer to help, or suggest activities. The deadline for reserving tables is November 1. We’ll also be hosting workshops, presentations, and discussions–feel free to propose to offer one.

You can learn more and get promotional materials at The venue is the same as last year: the Nightlight at 405 1/2 West Rosemary Street, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Just like last year, we are asking groups to pay a small tabling fee, but it’s important to us that tabling be accessible to groups that do not expect to make any money.