Raleigh: Upcoming Demonstration in Solidarity With Hunger-Striking CA Prisoners

Prisoners in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison began a 20-day hunger strike on July 1, 2011 to protest the cruel and inhumane conditions of their imprisonment, and soon they were joined by at least 6600 prisoners in 11 different California prisons. In the meantime thousands of supporters outside the prison system have rallied in cities all across the U.S., Canada and Australia to express their support for the striking prisoners.

This Sunday July 31st at 6:30pm concerned individuals from all over the Triad are planning to protest in front of the Central Prison on Western Blvd in Raleigh as a show of solidarity with the thousands of California prisoners who are continuing the hunger strike that began at the Pelican Bay facility. Protestors will also be condemning the wave of police violence and assassination against the poor and communities of color in California, of which Oscar Grant, and more recently Kenneth Harding and Charles Hill, were casualties, unarmed and helplessly murdered by the Oakland and San Francisco BART Police Departments.

Additionally, protestors will be condemning and drawing attention to the unprovoked arrests of 26 Seattle anarchist comrades this past weekend (July 22nd and 23rd), 7 of whom were brutally attacked in their own home with shovels, Tasers, and batons by members of the Seattle PD.

This Sunday’s event will follow on the heels of a similar event held in front of the Guilford County Jail in downtown Greensboro this past Sunday July 24th, in which 40 people held anti-prison banners and signs, chanted, and banged on drums and pots and pans to show their support for the California hunger strikers, the “Seattle 23,” the “Asheville 11,” anyone who has ever experienced police repression or whose loved ones have been murdered by police, and individuals and groups engaged in prison resistance everywhere, whether behind bars or on the outside. 

An overview of the California prisoners’ demands, along with additional information about the hunger strike, be found at http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com/

More information about attacks by police in Seattle can be found at: www.pugetsoundanarchists.org